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Zela Davis School, Hawthorne CA


The Problem:


The Zela Davis School is a multi building facility built in the 1940s. The domestic water system was primarily galvanized with some copper updates. The piping system was failing with pinhole leaks, rusty water, and reduced flow. Excessive costs associated with a repipe including; temporarily closing the school and relocating the students, asbestos removal and wall repair, would place considerable strain on the school budget. The short-term repair undertaken by the school was to “band-aid the pipes.



The Solution:


ACE DuraFlo® in-place pipe restoration. The challenge was to complete the in place restoration of the domestic water piping systems servicing 9 buildings and the associated underground network of pipes joining it all together. Added to the challenge – the project had to be completed, start to finish, during a scheduled school closure. The restoration included service to all fixtures tied to the domestic water system in all 9 buildings. Fixtures included, drinking fountains, water closets, sinks, hose cabinets, urinals, and service to the commercial kitchen equipment, classroom and janitorial sinks.


The piping system was fully restored on time and within the budget. Upon return to classes the staff and student body did not even realize that ACE DuraFlo had been ACE DuraFlo Systems, LLC there and completed the restoration!


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