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The Webster House- Washington DC
system in the Nations Capital A Modern Approach to Fixing Pinhole Leaks

The Problem:

pipesBuilt in the late 1960’s this 200 unit residential project was experiencing pinhole leaks in its copper water supply system. Upon investigation it was found that the failure of the copper piping systems was widespread thought the project. The failure was effecting both hot and cold water lines. No single area of piping was immune to the effects of the pin holing. While questions remain as to the cause of such a wide spread failure of a copper piping system the managers and owners were coming to the conclusion that they may have to face a complete repipe of the building.


Conventional repiping meant long time lines for residents to be without water and massive destruction to replace the piping system making the total cost of a repipe very expensive. Determined, the board remained focused on finding a solution that would be cost effective, less disruptive and a long-term solution.

In discussions with officials at the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission (WSSC) in DC it was commented that a process of in place pipe restoration developed by ACE DuraFlo Systems may provide some answers to the boards dilemma.


The Solution:


ACE DuraFlo approaches the solution to corrosion of piping systems by applying their proprietary NSF approved epoxy lining material on the inside of the pipe. In effect creating an epoxy barrier coating to protect the inside of the pipe from further deterioration. Creating a new pipe epoxy lined pipe within an old pipe, right within the buildings walls!.


ACE DuraFlo has completed pipe restoration projects on the west coast in schools, major resorts, hotels, single-family homes and multifamily projects. Both copper and galvanized piping systems have been restored using the ACE DuraFlo® system.



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