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Government Buildings

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Seattle King County Courthouse

Corrosion Control 4” Main Waterline

The Problem:

To protect and extend the life of the 4” main water line in the Seattle Courthouse and main Administration building. The present piping system was encrusted and wrapped in asbestos. Repair or replacement had to be completed during 1 weekend as shut down of the facility was not feasible.


The 4” main water line ran horizontally, encased in concrete, under the main level of this 10 floor mid-rise building then ran up to the ceiling in the 10th floor. Access to the main line was available at the lower level and an exit was available at the top, 10 floors up. Length of pipe run was estimated to be 100 feet horizontally and 120 feet vertical. Pipe diameter was consistent at 4”.


The repiping option was considered but the owing to the down time and costs associated with asbestos abatement, coring and basic pipe replacement was judged to be cost and time prohibited.


The Solution:


Set up of the ACE DuraFlo® system began on a Friday afternoon and the complete project was completed over the course of the weekend.











There was no interruption to the general operations associated with this, much in demand, facility. The restoration of the main water line was completed over a single weekend.




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