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ACE DuraFlo® Protects Historic California Home –LakeArrowhead, CA



The Problem:


Discolored water, low flow and health concerns. Imagine, owning one of the finest historic homes in the country and you are faced with brown water, low flow and are concerned with the health of the water coming from rusted galvanized pipes. The Chateau des Fleur was completed in 1932 and was originally built for the heiress of the Saltine cracker fortune. Built by Master European craftsmen, this 8,000 square foot home has been a favorite of Hollywood and has been featured in numerous movies and TV series such as The Dirty Dozen, Barnaby Jones and the Six Million Dollar Man. The recent owners concerned about preserving this historic home sought out to seek a solution to their problem of rusty galvanized pipes. Repiping was not an option. The design of the home and the architectural features made it a virtually impossible to cut into stone walls or the hand crafted matched grain hardwood paneling to replace the piping system.


The Solution:


ACE DuraFlo® system of in place pipe restoration. The owner who already had one of his properties restored by ACE DuraFlo® knew exactly that the solution to upgrading the piping system in the Chateau des Fleur was the ACE DuraFlo® system.


A restoration date was set and soon thereafter the pipingsystem was restored to both the main house and the detached guest house located on the same property. In the restoration process the preservation of the buildings historic value was a paramount concern. Not only did the ACE DuraFlo® team have to work within very strict parameters to preserve the building, but also had to be cautious of the homes rare and irreplaceable antiques and priceless works of art.


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