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Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles


A historic landmark, the Millennium Biltmore Hotel with 683 guest rooms and 52 lavish suites has been home to Presidents, Kings and Hollywood celebrities since it opened in 1923.

The Problem:


One of the major engineering challenges facing the operators of this world-class facility has been the damage from the effects of corrosion of the buildings piping system. Limited access to the piping system, historical ornate and irreplaceable structures and wall fixtures compounded the problem.


The failing waterlines required replacement and the cost, damage and loss of revenue to the property from a traditional style repipe were out of the question.


The Solution:


A modern approach had to be the answer. Pipe restoration. The restoration project completed by ACE DuraFlo Systems encompassed a combination of hot and cold water lines ranging in size from ½ inch to 3 inch. Metallic make up of the pipes included copper, brass and galvanized steel. Conventional repairs were carried out ahead of the restoration project.


The restoration work of the piping system required no cutting of walls, ceilings or bathroom areas. Asbestos abatement was not an issue as pipes were accessed away from any asbestos coverings.


John McIver, Building Superintendent at the Millennium Biltmore commented. In my many years in the hospitality industry I have never come across a product that would restore and meet code requirements like the ACE DuraFlo method of restoring supply water delivery systems, I highly recommend it to anyone. ACE DuraFlo is the way to go.




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