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Lead Solder - Poison Pipes - Cured

The Problem:


The poison is lead. Lead leaching from pipes, lead solder and plumbing fixtures into the water you drink, cook, bathe in and even brush your teeth with. Drinking water for over 40 million Americans contains lead in amounts exceeding EPA guidelines.


An office complex located one block from the White House, a tract of attached homes at a USAF base in Wyoming and a tract of new single family homes in San Antonio, Texas all shared the same problem, poison pipes. All of these properties had copper pipes contaminated with lead solder joints that leached lead into the water supply at levels exceeding EPA guidelines.


The Solution:


Besides high lead levels these 3 properties also had something else in common, the solution to the problem. The ACE DuraFlo solution. Rather than face the mess, expense and inconvenience that comes with a repipe, the owners of these 3 projects decided to use the ACE DuraFlo solution to stop lead leaching from these poison pipes.


ACE DuraFlo lined the copper pipes, in place, using their system of in place pipe restoration. Water quality tests conducted by the USAF and by the Metro Health District confirmed, before and after results. After results, showed that lead leaching was virtually eliminated and all pipes lined by ACE DuraFlo passed the EPA guidelines.



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