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Juneau Centennial Hall, Juneau, AK

The Problem:

pipesThe Juneau Centennial Hall is the largest convention center in Juneau, the state capital of Alaska. Originally constructed in 1982 this relatively new facility was experiencing signs of deterioration of its copper piping system. Conventional repairs had been carried to the piping system but the thought and expense of repiping the entire facility was not a favorable option facing the management of the convention center.


The convention center is used for everything from classes to the Governor’s Inaugural Ball and is consistently booked throughout the year. Due to the downtime and mess associated with a conventional repipe the management deemed repiping to not be an acceptable option. The management team had heard of the ACE DuraFlo® system that provided added long term protection to piping systems. Once understanding the benefits of the ACE DuraFlo® system management made the decision to have their piping system protected by ACE DuraFlo.


The Solution:


The ACE DuraFlo restoration team faced unique challenges. To avoid shutting down the main restrooms to restore the 3-inch main for three days, the team created a temporary bypass allowing for a continuous supply of water. The ACE DuraFlo team worked around the convention centers erratic schedule, completing the project in just three weeks, leaving the client with a fully restored, better than new, piping system.



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