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Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs, CA


The Desert Regional Medical Center located at 1150 North Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs is a 388 bed, full-service, acute care facility. The main facility was built in 1951 and has undergone extensive modernization.

The Problem:


The problem they were experiencing was related to pipe corrosion in the piping system in the facilities chilled water and heating system. The two pipe heating-cooling system was made of Schedule 40 black steel main lines with soft copper branch lines. Pipe diameters ranged from a half-inch to 2½ inches. In addition to the main line being encrusted the soft copper branch lines had developed pinhole leaks. Strainers at the heating units had been installed previously to try and strain out the rust particles from the main line but now they were constantly getting plugged up by the debris. Given the need to have little or no patient or operational disruption, the traditional re-pipe option was ruled out by the facilities engineers.


The Solution:


ACE DuraFlo® in-place pipe restoration. The piping system was isolated and conventional repairs carried out and then the piping system was restored in-place using the ACE DuraFlo® system of in-place pipe restoration. By restoring the piping system in-place the facility was able to remain in full operation.




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