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ACE DuraFlo Cleans Cardiologists Pipes San Antonio, TX


ACE DuraFlo claims victory over in-home drinking water contaminates; lead and iron. An ACE DuraFlo job completed at the home of prominent cardiologist Dr. Charles Rabinowitz, reduced the lead content to below measurable levels. When Dr. Rabinowitz heard of the ACE DuraFlo method of pipe restoration, he could relate to the importance of clean pipes as he deals with clogged arteries all day.

The Problem:


Dr. Rabinowitzs vintage home with state of the art galvanized piping for its day, was in desperate need of pipe restoration. Low water flow, floating debris in water glasses, and brown water led Dr. Rabinowitz to contract with ACE DuraFlo E.L. Smith to solve his problem. Water samples were taken to the San Antonio Metro Health District Laboratory for analysis prior to beginning the ACE DuraFlo process. Dr. Rabinowitzs drinking water showed high iron content and measurable levels of lead.


The Solution:


After ACE DuraFlo E. L. Smith completed their restoration process; a water sample was rushed to the lab for another analysis. The results exceeded even the doctors expectations. There was no iron content and the lead had been reduced to below measurable levels. Just as clean veins and arteries are essential to a healthy human piping system, The ACE DuraFlo® system of pipe restoration is essential to the health of your homes piping system. Dr. Rabinowitz and his family can now enjoy the clean and healthy taste of water from their faucets.




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